Refunding a partially paid locked down invoice


A customer paid part of an invoice and this was processed as a partial payment and the payment locked down as part of the VAT return.

The customer has had the sum paid refunded but I cannot find a way to link that payment to the invoice. A credit note won’t work but perhaps that is down to the fact the invoice / original payment is now locked ?

Has anyone come across this before or have any idea how the refund can be tagged ?


Hi @Echohead,

Are you just wanting to refund what has been paid and keep the invoice or do you want to raise a credit note to cancel the invoice?

Hi Beth

Here’s what’s been done.

Raised an invoice for £3,672

Client paid £510 by mistake and this was allocated to invoice so now shown as partial paid with balance of £23,490

VAT return completed so this locked down

Client asked for refund so they could pay whole amount and this was refunded in the following VAT quarter

I can’t seem to tag this debit to refund the £510 as when I try to raise a credit note for this I get a blank credit note where I cannot enter any amounts. Perhaps this is because the original is locked down ?

If you know how I can remedy this today then let me know but if not I believe I may have a workaround.

This is what I’m thinking:

Leave £510 refund untagged

When client pays this invoice in full they will pay £3,672 so £510 will become unallocated or essentially a prepayment

Refund this overpayment on Quickfile by bank transfer thus placing another £510 debit into the bank account – this would be tagged automatically by Quickfile

Delete the actual untagged £510 debit to correct the bank balance.

This is your actual issue. The credit note should be editable and does not do this when crediting an invoice in a submitted/locked period. This might be something as simple as a browser/plugin/antivirus issue.

If you click through to the payment (the “a payment #SPnnnnn has been attributed to this invoice” link at the top) do you get an option to “detach” the payment from the invoice?

Screenshot 2020-11-20 at 10.27.15

If you can detach it then that should enable the “refund balance” option at the top of the screen, which will create a tagged refund transaction in the bank account (and then you can delete the duplicate untagged one).

Thanks Ian but no you don’t get that “Detach Payment” option as it is now locked down due to the VAT return submission.

Thanks anyway for taking the trouble to reply.

Hi Lurch

Thanks you for taking the trouble to reply but it’s not a browser issue.

How are you raising the credit note?

Ah, sorry, that must be specific to cash accounting - I’m on accrual so it’s my invoices that get locked rather than my payments.

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