Registering for Vat and what to do

I will need to register for Vat soon and after searching through posts I think I have some understanding on what I may need to do.

Once I get my Vat registration and entered into quickfile and chage any relevant setting all future invoices will have vat and any invoices already in the sytem within the Vat period will be accounted for as having Vat. I will then have to do a manuel adjustment out of the Vat prior to registration date. Please correct me if I am wrong

My web side which has payments made through Paypal and Stipe are intergrated into quickfile and is automatically accounted for, my question is. My web site prices at the moment is not set up with Vat will I need to change that or if a payment of say £100 is made will quickfile account it as £83.33 sales and £16.67 Vat?

Any help and advice appreciated.

I would change my website to account for vat.

If you currently charge £100, then once you are VAT-registered, £16.67 will have to be recognised as VAT and paid over to the taxman! I would change your website to account for VAT, and increase your prices. In order to still get £100 for you, the price would need to be increased to £120.

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