Rehash some of 2011/12 accounts to clear directors loan

Hi there I have been gleaning some information from you as I have a customer who has this problem and I will be doing her accounts on your system when she finishes ye at end of March. She wants a mortgage and needs 3 years accounts. But she has a directors loan of £47k. Her current accountants say that they can resubmit her 2011/12 accounts (There is a cut off time which I am not sure when it is?) And clear this loan and then redo 2012/13 which they are doing now. I will be taking over for 2013/14 on your system becos I am not an accountant and am an ICB member and can do so much and no more. My question is 1) can all this be uploaded and resubmitted to HMRC thru your system.2) Can you work out the interest adjustment she will need to pay and when will this need to be done by? 3) will it require a new P11D for her? 4) Will she need to resubmit that to HMRC too? Can you do all these adjustments and help me get all this backdated stuff on your quick file? Also will you charge £240 and £180 for this 2011/12 and then recharge again for 2012/13 as well. I need to know to let her know what it will cost her as well as if I can do this on your system. Also will I need a different email for her stuff as I am using my own at present. I will be opening an account with you but it is taking a while to get all this sorted. I look forward to hearing from you. Kind Regards Abigail

HI Abigail,

I’ve sent you a private message, it may be best if you reply to my private message, you should see a notification of the private message in the top right corner, simply click on and then select the new message from the list.