Rejected MTD vat submission

had an email form hmrc stating they could not process my vat return ?

"Unfortunately our system indicates your latest return was filed through the old channel. This means it hasn’t reached your MTD VAT account and as a result, the return hasn’t been filed properly with HMRC. The effect is HMRC is unable to process any repayment or take payments from you. You therefore still need to file your return.

To file through the MTD route you need to ensure you are properly set up

  • If you have software, contact your provider who can advise how to enable it to use the new MTD functions.
  • If you don’t have software then you must obtain a compatible package."

can you assist ?

Hi @Craig_Nicho

Was the rejected VAT return submitted through QuickFile?

yes it was . submitted using the vat tab

Hi @Craig_Nicho

In that case, you just need to roll the return back, and resubmit it using MTD (Reports >> HMRC).

This will submit it using MTD rather than the older submission process

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