"Remember Me" stopped working on Mobile

As per title. FFox mobile on galaxy note II 4.4.2 Android.
Always worked previously until a month or so ago (at least) now refusing to remember the password but remembers the email. Something change at your end or is it the ever mysterious Android!

It’s not specific to FFox mobile, or any browser in particular. When we last updated the login screen we changed the “Remember me” checkbox to only remember the email, not the password. This is for security reasons more than anything, it was never ideal having the password stored in a client cookie.

It was also becoming superfluous as most browsers these days have their own inbuilt ways of storing login credentials.

I can see the point, but as it is optional surely it is up to the user to decide?

I use a password manager - which is unfortunately useless on mobile - despite paying for it. So it was nice and convenient to have it accessible.

Oh well!