Remittance for more than just 1 invoice

Is there any chance we could get a function that allows us to send a remittance advice when we pay more than just 1 sales invoice at a time? So if we pay 5 invoices the email would state that a bulk payment of £**** has been paid against invoice numbers ***, ***, ***, ***and ***.

The same for if a client pays more than 1 invoice at a time would be good to be able to send them an acknowledgement of their payment amount and what invoices it correlates to along with the drop down option of sending to any listed clients e-mail addresses not just the primary contact.


From what I know this would require a completely new template, as the current one is worded for single remittances only. I will pass this on to the development team although I can’t promise anything more, they are always very busy.

Good luck with this one, it’s been mooted before,. There is the view payments screen (Purchases/View Payments) that lists each payment, the suppliers reference/invoice number was added recently to make some sense of it and this can be printed,

Here’s a radical suggestion, any chance of getting a send option like there is with customer invoices where it can be emailed or posted?

Thanks for letting me know about the payment screen that can be printed, didnt know about that. I second it would be good to send payment view to both suppliers and customers.