Remove bank feeds as non-Administrator

How to delete all 3th party bank feed access, if you are not administrator, just a user. I buy a company and the old director don’t give me administrator access, which means i cant change details in the system. I moved the business account (barclays) middle of my personal account (barclays), but the bank feed allready working and the old director see every money movement, witch is a big security problem. I setup a new quick file account and start working for the new financial year (start August) in a new account. BUT HOW CAN I DELETE THE OLD quick file account. I have certificate the company is mine and i am the new director, however i want to delete that old account ASAP.

Account ownership in QuickFile is linked to email authorisation rather than who the proprietors/directors of the company are. What I mean by this is the person who has access to the email and can verify this will have full control over the account.

When you acquired the company typically you would have been given access to those emails? If this is not the case you can go back to the original proprietor and ask them to hand over access to the email or transfer the admin privileges to you.

Once you have admin rights on the account you will have full control to remove/access any old bank feeds.


The other thing you can do of course is just change the credentials with Barclays, that way any feed setup on QF will instantly stop working.

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