Remove duplicates from bank statement import

Hi there
I managed to upload my bank statement into quickfile today. I had already logged a number of sales invoices and matched their subsequent payments. Whilst importing the bank statement, I was asked about possible conflicts as some of the invoices had already been marked as paid. I should have clicked ignore as they were conflicts, but instead I clicked that they were not a conflict and now I have an entry from the bank statement and a duplicate entry from when I marked the invoice as paid. How do I rectify these duplications? The payments that I had already posted are marked as tagged and the entries from the bank statements (for the same payment) are marked as untagged, but I can’t tag them as they are a duplicate. Help!
Thanks Lynn

Hi @Lynn2

There’s no way to ‘undo’ an import unfortunately. However, you can view untagged entries. So if everything else is tagged, this could help.

On the bank overview page, you can click the number of untagged entries:

Or, on the statement view, you can click the red part of the pie chart:

Either way, this will show you all the untagged transactions, which you can then delete in bulk.

I hope that helps!

Thanks so much for your help. I selected all the duplicate untagged entries and deleted them.
Lynn :slight_smile:

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