Removed a linked receipt but it’s deleted

While in a paid purchase receipt I used the link feature to link a document in Document Manager, however it was the wrong Document (Receipt).
I clicked the red x to remove it from the purchase receipt but it has disappeared from Document Manager, so it looks like I’ve deleted it.
Can I get it back? I need to link it to the correct purchase receipt.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi @Alistair,

This does actually remove the document altogether rather than just from the invoice. You would need to re-upload the document to link it to the correct invoice.

I have asked for this to be looked into as the warning just says about removing not deleting.

Ok that’s helpful Beth, and good to know it’s been raised, thank you :ok_hand::slightly_smiling_face:

I think we shredded the physical receipt so wondering if the deleted one can be retrieved? …like a recycle bin?! :grimacing:

Thanks again,

Hi @Alistair ,

I am not sure if it can but I have asked the question. To avoid this happening again you would need to attach the document to the correct place first before removing it from the wrong place.

The warning will be updated in due course to reflect this

Hi Beth, I was wondering how to do that properly in future, great info thank you!


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