Removing contact name from recurring invoices

I have adjusted a customers name for the main contact for a particular customer (moving forward they did not want their name included on the invoice so I have used Accounts Department instead). As it is end of month my recurring invoices have been processed but they all contain the contact name as it was previously displayed. I should think it should pick up current contact details? Is there a way I can change these now recorded entries?

You will need to update the recurring profile for the changes to take a effect, if you want to change a posted recurring invoice, go to the invoice and then click ‘Modify’, you can then further modify the client name and address:

Thanks for the reply Joe but it does not show me the recipients name when I go to modify the invoice only the customers company name and address. Perhaps I can just modify my invoice style to exclude the persons name (if that is possible)?

The same seems to apply to updating the recurring invoice - I don’t see the recipient name anywhere so there does not seem to be anything I can update but it is getting it from somewhere.


The system will automatically grab the default contact on the client record and display that whenever a new invoice is generated. If you want to exclude the contact name name from the invoice you can do so in the Invoice Customisation area (Sales >> Invoice customisation).

This is however a global setting and will affect all invoices. Currently there’s no way to invoke this at the invoice level.

Hi Glenn,
Yes thanks that would be exactly what I would expect but it is not the case. I had changed this contact name early last week and the invoices were generated since then still seem to pick up the name I had previous (perhaps from when I created the recurring profile). I will get around it by removing the contact name as you have pointed out thanks again for replying.

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