Removing country from invoices

In the invoice customisation I have selected ‘hide client country when same as mine’ however both keep appearing on invoices. Can anyone help with this please?

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This may be a code regression following an update we made on Friday. I’ve logged this as a bug for now and we’ll look into this ASAP.

Thanks for looking into this, hope it can be sorted easily.

OK I’ve taken a look at your account and it would appear that the check box to hide the client country was invoked after the invoice was created. This wouldn’t retrospectively change any previously issued invoices. However when you create your next invoice the client country line will not be present.

If you want to go back and remove the client control from any previously issued invoices you can go into edit the invoice click to modify the address and delete the country line.

Hi Glenn

Thanks for your reply - sorry but I thought I had changed the default before I created the invoice. I’ve tried going and modifying the address, clicking ‘save’ by the client name along with ‘save’ at the bottom but when I preview it, the country still appears. I’ve tried this on invoice #000002 if you are able to look into my account.


Glenn, I’ve just tried this again and the country still appears. I want to import my sales invoices by CSV and when I tested this out on just one, the country is still there even though the box for hiding the client country was ticked prior to this. It’s invoice #6 if you are able to take a look.

I did notice that on invoice #000002 there was no other line in the address just United Kingdom. When you try to remove that the system receives a blank address and then looks up the address on the client record instead. If you had other lines on the address and removed United Kingdom it would work. I have however made a small update so it won’t try to populate from the client record, I tested it on invoice #000002 and it works.

As for the import process I can see that this is actually just plain ignoring the “hide client country” preference and including it on the address. Unfortunately this is not a simple fix and needs to be referred, which I have done. It may take 2-3 days before it goes live on the application but I shall update you when this happens.

Really appreciate your help on this. I won’t need to send invoices out for a couple of weeks so hopefully the problem of importing in and hiding the country will be solved by then.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Glenn

Is there any update on this?

The code has been fixed but due to other areas of testing this is not likely to go live until mid-week. I will update you as soon as it’s updated on the live system.

Great, look forward to that.

Just to let you know this should now work fine.

Please test with a small sample first and let me know if all is OK.

Hi Glenn

I’ve just tested this out and it works perfectly - many thanks for your help on this, it’s much appreciated.

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Excellent, thanks for letting me know!