Removing Erroneous Invoice


We have discovered an erroneous invoice in our accounts for last financial year ending 31st Sept 2013 which we are due to process now.

This occurred, due to the wrong bank file being downloaded (one of the perils of multiple businesses) and then it was subsequently tagged and wrapped up in the quarterly Vat return.

Can anyone tell me the best way to remove this, so that last years accounts are corrected. I guess we could just credit the invoice now, but that won’t correct last years accounts, or will it?

So to summarise, we have a 4k invoice with VAT paid on it, that belongs to another business, which we need to remove from the books for year ending Sept 2013.

Any help gratefully appreciated.


If you’ve filed VAT returns or locked down accounting periods it’s always best to adjust it out rather than trying to retrospectively change it. In fact to go back and change it you’d need to rollback the VAT return and/or unlock the accounting period (if in a previous accounting year). It’s far easier just to go into the invoice and credit note it, the reversal on the VAT return will then be automatically handled.

Thanks Glenn, much appreciated.

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