Rename a project tag

We’re using project tags for events, and when they’re first created, we put the best info we have into the tag so they sort in order, something like 2018-event. As more work is done, we know more about the event, and can make it more specific - 2018-02-14-event, for instance. Is there a way to change the tag on all the previously tagged entries to update them to the new one?

I’ve found a way to affect all the entries, which is a workaround, but a rename would be welcome.

Hi @iainhallam

I’m not sure how you have achieved this, but the way I would have suggested would be to view the invoices associated with the tag, select them all and then use the “Bulk Tag” option at the top of the page.

We can consider adding a rename option. The project tagging side of things have come a long way since it was initially introduced, but there’s certainly scope here to continue to improve on things.

I looked up the project report, viewed all invoices then purchases for it, selected all, then used Update Tags to add the new one, then used it again to remove the old one.

Would it be worth moving this to the Feature section, then?

Certainly. We can consider this going forward :slight_smile:

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