Renaming a limited company

We’re mulling the possibility of changing the name of a limited company and I wondered how this would work in Quickfile? If I just change it in the settings, will old invoices still show previous branding? Is there a way to tell Quickfile that the name change will happen on a certain date so we can have new stationery ready to go?



Hi @iainhallam

If you update the name in the settings, old invoices will retain their existing name. For reference, when you save the details, you will see this:

Any new invoices created will incorporate your updated information.
Invoices created retrospectively will not change.
Your company name has been updated, however we have not automatically updated your client area header and footer. If you are using the standard client area design template please head over to the client area customisation section and resave your settings, this will then update any reference to your company name in the client area headers and footers.

I hope this helps?

That’s great; thanks. Is there any way to make sure that our invoices sent out up until the name change happen in a format for our existing name, then change on the right date to the new format, or will we have to get really busy in Quickfile on the morning of the changeover to change our formats then?

There’s no way to set a switch date as such, it would be a matter of changing it on the day. It is possible however to update existing invoices with a new name and/or address by resaving the invoice.

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