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Renew Subscription


The annual QF subscription recently came up for renewal, but we only got 7 days notice to pay. As I was on annual leave I paid by BACS, but whilst I was away my colleague had to pay it again via QF online, as it wouldn’t let them log-on.

Is there a way for the reminders to be set up so we can get more than 7 days notice next time?


Hi @TudorJones

We send out 3 reminders in total:

  • 30 days before
  • 7 days before
  • 1 day before

All of these are sent to the main administrator’s email address.

I will however send you a private message shortly to get some account details and have a look at this for you.

@TudorJones mentioned in her post that she sent funds by BACS to pay the renewal subscription for QF, I have not come across this method of keeping an account active.

My preference is to send funds in this manner as the receipt is paid in full without any bank charges being incurred. Let me know @QFMathew if this is a viable method of sending you payment for renewal of your services.

Hi Mathew

Thank you, I have responded to your email. We only received an email reminder on 31/08/19

Hi Alan

As the card holder doesn’t always have access to the account they pay by BACS. This was how we paid last year.

Hi @alan_mcbrien,

BACS isn’t generally available as it’s more of a manual process, so all payments need to be confirmed manually before the subscriptions are activated. However, if card payment isn’t available for a company, then we are happy to look at a bank transfer on a per account basis.

Thanks @QFBeth for your response; happy to renew your services via the method you have in place.

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