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Reoccuring Invoice - Change New Address Automatically

HI All,

I have just changed my business address and found that for all my reoccuring invoices i had to go in and manually save them all again for the new business address to show up on invoices that where then subsequently sent out.

I think it would be a great idea if when you go to change your address a little pop up comes up and states you have so many reoccuring invoice and would you like to update them all to your new address or words to that effect.

Thanks for the suggestion @PCPUK! :slight_smile:
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There’s a post on why this is from an old feature thread;

Hi Stuart,

I never said that it should change previous ones !! I meant when you go to change your address then all future ones that are already in the system are changed, i dont know where you would even think that I meant previous ones.

I wasn’t suggesting that it should or that you did, just that currently to update the recurring invoice profile you have to update a historic invoice, and the reason why it doesn’t do it automatically is as above.

However, I do agree it would be handy to have this done automatically in some fashion, maybe by effectively creating a new profile for the next one to use as the new template so historic data remains unchanged.

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