Report - historic cashflow? maybe future as well?

Is it possible to either create a custom report or have additional report to find out the totals for ‘total outgoing cash’ and ‘total incoming cash’ to the bank accounts? especially for the current account it will be handy.

no sure how difficult this can be , but i also wanted to suggest future cashflow projections based on historic transactions sitting in the bank account. Also pulling other data into it like VAT liability etc.

it will be great to have something of this sort in QF


You could use a custom report with a formula like this:


This would show activity on all bank accounts, the multiplication by minus one is to reverse the debits and credits.

If you just wanted one account you can substitute the range for a single nominal code, e.g…


Thanks Glenn
How do i select just one side of the bank account i.e. only money in for example

You can’t do this with custom reports. If you wanted to see just debits or credits on a bank statement you could go into the bank statement view, open the advanced search box and select accordingly.