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Report including description on purchase invoices

I want to create a report showing which includes the description on purchase invoices

Hi @Peter2

You could just export the list of purchases to get these details

Perhaps I did not explain enough. In the chart of accounts we have premises expenses (7803) when I view this I just get a list of invoices. We have about 15 items under this heading. When we have a meeting my committee will want to know what the individual items are. That’s why I need a report that show the description list.

Hi @Peter2

There isn’t a report that does this specifically. You would need to download a couple of things and maniuplate the data yourself.

If you download the list of purchases, this will give you the details you can then cross reference this with the invoice numbers from the chart of accounts.

You could set a project tag for the nominal - you can then run the list of invoices from the tag. This would give you the list filtered for you needs

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