Report to show paid invoices for customers from a particular country


I am hoping to generate a report for all paid invoices for customers based in China and wondered if there was a way of doing this. I can’t seem to find an obvious way.

Kind regards


Hi @opengenius

Is it just one customer in particular, or all customers based in a particular country (in your case, China)?

It would be for all customers based in China.

Unfortunately there isn’t such report to do this. The only way to view invoices for clients from a particular country would be to view each client individually.

However, I think maybe project tags would work well in this scenario. Going forward, you may wish to set up a default project tag for non-UK clients (maybe a 2 character country code?), and from there you can produce reports per project tag.

You could also add them to existing invoices through the invoice management screen, but you would have to know where each invoice/client ‘belongs’ to do it.

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