Reporting - Historical Invoices Summary

Hi Glen and Team,
I’m loving your historical Debtors and Creditors report, but, is there anyway to include the VAT element on the report as a separate line, or even just on the export CSV that’s produced- it would mean that we could do a reconciliation between the Cash Accounting Vat return and the VAT control account in the trial balance. For sales for most Vat registered companies that’s quite easy to do by hand, but not for purchases, as often suppliers can have varying rates of VAT.

( I know - not posted for ages then two queries in the same day !! Sorry!)



We can certainly look at providing a CSV export. I think including the VAT calcs on there gets tricky when you have partially paid invoices, it’s likely to lead to some unusual rounding problems.

We’re a bit busy with other areas right now but we’ll try to revisit this shortly.