Reporting in foreign currencies

Hi, I am basically from India - It is really nice software and would like to use the same. Can I have currency in INR and also looking for a solution to have a category or division for all entries.


I am afraid right now we only support UK based companies trading in GBP. Although we support multi-currency, all base reporting is in GBP. We do intend to develop an international version of Quick File although I don’t have any time-frame on this just yet. Sorry to disappoint!

hi will you be able to provide atleast profit and loss account in document currency?

Really it is nice software - how do u manage this as free of cost?



We can’t recommend any usage outside of the UK unfortunately. We explain a little bit more about how we provide the software for free here.

Why is Quick File Free?

Dear Glen - Is there any way to take reports on date range like invoices and banking transactions? If I pay so nominal charges, is it possible to give me profit and loss account and balance sheet in document currency?


The work involved in what you are trying to achieve is not something that can be done by tinkering around the edges. Reporting in different currencies and time zones is a significant job on our part and needs to be done correctly. For that reason we will need to consider all of these types of problems when we are in a position to develop and support a solution for international use.

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