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Restart using Quickfile for full accounts as only been using it for invoicing

Hi, I’ve been mainly using Quickfile for creating invoices and stopped using it for accounts with the bank and purchases which I had been doing manually. As I hadn’t found the bulk upload option for purchases, the excess work with tagging was driving me crazy. So very much quicker to operate from a spreadsheet.

Is there a way I can now start using Quickfile fully without having to upload years of data and spend time tagging expenses that were long since reported to HMRC and accounted for using spreadsheets.
In effect, I want to restart it as if just starting a new account where I can put in starting bank balances etc. but without having to recreate all the invoices I already made for this year. Or is it better to open a new account and can I transfer the settings, client data and invoices from one account to the new one?

Or do I just need to delete the years of partial accounts and invoices that pertain to previous years and start just from this year’s accounts?

Or alternatively just use another program to link my spreadsheet accounts to HMRC instead of trying to use Quickfile for VAT returns?

Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions.

Hi @Aeona

You could either clear the old data from your current QuickFile account up to the point where you want to “Start” You may need to enter some opening balances or a trial balance so that everything matches up.

Alternatively, you could create a new Quickfile account and start it from a relevant point entering opening balances with a trial balance or something similar. We can help to transfer over your client and supplier contact details.

To be honest it is up to you how you decide to do it. If you pick a date with a new account you don’t necessarily have to re-create all of the invoices, only the ones from that date forwards. The others would be entered as opening balances.

Hope this helps

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Hi QFBeth, thanks that’s helpful to know. Sue

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