Restore all archived items

How can I restore ALL items from the ‘archive’? - you switched it on without asking me and I do not (and did not) require it. I can’t see a menu option to do that.


Although there are plans to introduce automatic archiving, we don’t actually archive invoices automatically at the moment. If you’ve noticed these being archived on your account, it’s likely been done by another user on your account.

You can view any archived invoices by selecting “Archived” at the bottom of the invoice list. To restore them, you can select the invoices you wish to restore, go to Options and click Restore.

Hope that helps

That’s not what I recall the message stating - perhaps it needs to be changed. It stated that it had set me to 2 years (I had to go and switch if to ‘Disabled’).

That’s correct - the setting would have been enabled, but the actually processing isn’t live as of yet so nothing has been automatically archived. This will go live in due course.

Apologies for any confusion.

As mentioned above however, if you’re seeing invoices archived on your account, you can restore them as needed.

It might be an idea to have it disabled by default, rather than enabled for 2 years or whatever.

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