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I made a mistake. I started using Quickfile from 1/4/13 and entered all the balances from the previous years statutory accounts. Then there were some items processed in the year to 31/3/13. I processed a year end to 31/3/13 and then to agree the figures to the previous years accounts I copied the year end journal to reverse the enteries and dated 1/4/14, it should have been dated 1/4/13, which I then redated to 1/4/13, so another error. Quickfile wont let me access those journals or reset the locked period as it says there is a year edn journal at 1/4/14! What do I do?

To reverse a year-end journal you first need to go into Account Settings area and then go into Account Lock Date:

You will only be able to move the lock date as far back as the most recent year-end journal which appears to be 01/04/2013. Once you have done this you can then delete or modify that journal.


Actually when you moved the journal back a year it didn’t move the lock accordingly. Some change was made by my colleague so you should now be able to follow the above procedure.

Please thank your colleague for the necessary adjustment. This has resloved the problem.

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