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Revolut bank feed / missing transactions / no fees imported

I activated the bank feed for Revolut account several months before. Now I discovered 2 problems:

  1. Every month, some trasactions were not imported.
  2. None of transaction fees were imported, so the balance is wrong.

Please tell me how to fix these problems?
Best Regards

I have the same problems, I fixed the same problem somehow but still it is not what I would like to have:

  1. Every month, some trasactions were not imported:
    Same with my account, in my case only 2 transactions were missing, both from Ryanair
  1. None of transaction fees were imported, so the balance is wrong.
    I fixed this by calculating the monthly fees for every month and adding 1 record in my bank feed something like “Revolut August 2019 Fees” then tag it as Bank Charges. Eg. If I made several transfers and their total cost was 21.63USD then I would just add this total amount to the bank feed every month. All in all, I recommend switching to Revolut Premium account and for 25GBP avoid this hassle.

Hello Bart,
thank you for your prompt feedback.

As I am not alone having these problems, could someone from support check and fix it? It is not a good solution to add missing transactions manually. We pay for the automatic bank feed to avoid this. So, please, SUPPORT, take care of our problem!

I already use a premium plan for 25GBP, how do you mean it should help me to avoid my problems? I didn’t find some extra settings on this premium plan …

Hi @euhansa,

Apologies for the delay in responding to you, we are currently looking into the issues you are having and will let you know ASAP the outcome.

Thank you for your patience

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