Rollback MTD VAT help

Hi all, my previous VAT submission went to HMRC and has been paid but when I check in reports its showing as rollback. Now when I try and generate the current period VAT report its adding the previous period to it. I.E its showing as a double VAT bill.

How can I fix this.

Go into your QuickFile VAT settings and untick the “enable online filing” box. Once you’ve done that you should be able to prepare and save a replacement QuickFile VAT return for the period that was rolled back, applying manual adjustments if necessary to make the numbers line up with what you actually submitted to HMRC.

Once that is saved, go back to the VAT settings and re-enable online filing (and MTD features), then you can prepare and submit your next return as normal. If you had to adjust anything on the replacement return above, then apply the same adjustments in reverse to this return to bring things back into line.

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