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Rolling 12 month turnover

Hello QF Support team,

Is it possible to see in any report rolling turnover for 12 month in the period say several month , in one report without a need to change dates manually? At the moment I changing dated manually, but thought may be I can see all 12 month rolling turnover day by day in one report?
Thank you

Hi @IrMa

I have moved this to the public forum as per your request :slight_smile:

As I mentioned I am not sure if this is possible but there may be other users who have worked out a way to do this

Thank you very much, Beth! :slight_smile:

Not sure about day by day but maybe you could export a list of sales invoices in a given period to csv and then add a column to calculate cumulative total.

Thank you for the idea, Bagpipe.
With exporting, I can only export page at a time, and if I need rolling 12 month to see day by day it is more time then changing date on Profit & Loss report I afraid :frowning:

If you run a account backup, this will email you your complete account data. Then you can look for your relevant data and filter it out using excel or another office software.

You could also try Reports>Chart of Accounts - click on the magnifying glass of the sales code that you post sales invoices to (typically 4000), alter the date range you need and export as a csv.

True, forgot about this one, but I would need to do 365 Exports X 3, sales distribute between 3 nominal codes.
Anyway, Thank you! :slight_smile:

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