Rolling back VAT return sent to HMRC

I erroneously created my first VAT return in Quickfile with the wrong percentage (small company scheme).
How can I delete it in Quickfile and recreate it with the correct percentage?
I entered the correct values manually via the HMCE website.
Many thanks

It appears that you sent this VAT return electronically to HMRC. These ones can only be rolled back on our side as the data has already been received by HMRC. Would you like us to roll this back? When you re-enter on QF just be sure to untick the following check box so it doesn’t resend again to HMRC.

Hello Glenn,
Yes please roll it back. I’ll make sure I don’t resubmit it again by unticking the box.
Many thanks

I’ve forwarded this instruction, just waiting to update you when I know it has been done.

I can now confirm that the VAT return has been rolled back.

Hi Glenn,
I still see the VAT return when I log in. Do I have to wait longer for it to disappear?
Many thanks

Apologies, please check now.

All good now. It had gone and I’ve recreated it correctly.
Thanks a lot Dan

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