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Room Deposits - use balance sheet code on invoice


Is it possible/how can I create an item to use on a sales invoice linked to a liability account (Deposit Held)

When generating an invoice its great to use sales items as you predefine the description etc. Can you set up an item linked to an asset account (can only see P&L items)


Hi @1andy_mc

You certainly can! :slight_smile:

There’s some instructions in the post below on how to enable a balance sheet code for an invoice:

Hope that helps


You can but if you’re VAT registered you then need to make a manual adjustment to your box 6 as the full (net) total of all sales invoices gets counted there by default, not just the lines that actually represent sales.


Hi thanks for the reply, I am aware you can put asset/liability items direct into an invoice. Ideally I need to know if you can set up a item (like a sales item)? It would be helpful if I can because I could set up a description which is entered every time you select an item,


Once the code has been enabled on the Chart of Accounts, then it should show up as an option for your sales inventory.

Although please let us know if you find it’s not the case for you.