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Routine emails replacing ' with "


A client has told us that their routine emails are going out with apostrophes replace with quotation marks. For example, don’t is being replaced with don"t . We have re-typed the templates they are using, making sure they are correct, but when emails are sent the system continues to make the same change. Our client is frustrated as it makes his emails look unprofessional. Can it be looked into?

Many thanks



Hi @Paul_Hutt

I’ve asked a developer to take a look at this. I’ll come back to you shortly.

@Paul_Hutt - A fix for this will be released later today. I’ll let you know when this is live.


Hi @Paul_Hutt

Apologies that this was a little later than anticipated, but this has now gone live. When you get chance, would you mind checking to ensure this is working as expected for you please?