SagePay Foreign Currency Payments

We’ve just taken a payment against invoice #10382 and the client paid using SagePay.

The invoice is in Euro’s but having paid the invoice has not been marked as paid by QF.

I wonder if this is due to the fact that the invoice is in a foreign currency?

The settlement of the euro value will be in UKP so I guess also at this stage QF doesn’t know what that UKP value will be. I’m not sure therefore whether to mark the payment as paid manually using the current conversion rate or to wait for SagePay to send though the settlement value to our bank first?

Sorry if this bug report has turned into a query and actually in making the query I’m wondering if it is a bug at all or if the non marking of the payment is by design for foreign currency transactions?

As you mentioned the software won’t mark foreign currency invoices as paid as we don’t know the equivalent amount in GBP to lodge against the accounts.

In this case you would need to wait until SagePay provide the GBP equivalent and then to manually mark the invoice as paid.

I suppose you could mark as paid now using the exchange rate from (our ex-rate providers) although it’s likely that this will differ from the one used by SagePay, so I would recommend waiting until you have this information.