Sagepay not pushing information into QF


I have integrated sagepay in QF, apparently QF isn’t receiving the list of card payments.

What could be wrong? have i set it up incorrectly ?



Our integration with SagePay is not a data feed, it just allows you to accept payment on your invoices using SagePay. If you want to import all your SagePay transactions you would need to first download them from SagePay as a CSV file then import to QuickFile.

Thank you Glenn

I thought it would be something similar to paypal.
I would like to learn about webhooks / zapier, not really sure if they are the something.

I have heard about push / pull of data from websites / applications using some of these providers. Surely I’m not any code type of person. but would these work with QF?

Zapier is a service that connects two supported applications so if x happens in one application it triggers y in the other. We are not currently integrated with Zapier although this is something we plan to look at soon, you’d also need to check that SagePay is supported for any sort of link to work.

The simplest way to import your SagePay transactions would be to obtain a CSV file from SagePay and upload it to QuickFile.

Webhooks is a programming interface that will call your application when certain events happen in QuickFile, it is not really applicable to what you are trying to achieve.

Thanks you for the information.

i’ll wait when zapier is connected with QF.


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