SagePay Payment not logged

Hello again,

Back for my weekly problem with SagePay! Issue number 5:

I had a serious and embarrassing problem occur today. A customer ended up paying an invoice twice because although SagePay processed the payment without a problem, it wasn’t logged to QF. They therefore thought it hadn’t worked and they paid again, forcing me to issue an apology and a refund, and lose the trust of the customer who now no longer wants to pay by card.

What’s going on? Why isn’t QF logging the payments?

This, from a business perspective, is simply unacceptable. I will say what I always say: I sincerely appreciate QF and I realise that it’s free, but I made the decision to use it (and persuade my accountant to use it) on the back of the promise of ease of use and functionality. My accountant is now snapping at my heels to pay through the roof for a system that has nowhere near the number of features but at least has reliability - he is dubious about trusting all the accounting features having listened to my frustrations with this single feature!

Your help is much appreciated.


I think on the whole Quick File is a very reliable system. These problems with SagePay are frustrating, but we are not entirely to blame here. SagePay have had numerous embarrassing technical glitches of their own over the years and they have a history of changing their API without notifying users.

We only have a small number of individuals who are using SagePay within Quick File. For this reason the functionality doesn’t get interrogated as much as other areas. I can’t really comment at this stage as to why this payment failed to log in Quick File although I will have this looked into today.