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Salary tagging

I have separated BS salary nominal accounts for director and staff. However, when I tag transactions in bank feed, regardless of ticking Director box, it posts it to default NC 2220 just like staff salaries. How do I ensure director’s salary posts to NC 2221 instead when tagging? “Post Net Wages to Balance Sheet Only” is turned on in settings.

Thank you.

Hi @d7hnefa0594p7dx

You may need to manually journal these if the option isn’t coming up when you go to tag from the bank feed

Thank you QFBeth for your quick reply. Does it mean that “Tick if Director” option doesn’t really make any difference? From my experience that seems to be the case.

Hi @d7hnefa0594p7dx
If you have set up your own nominal then it is probably best to do the journal yourself. The “Tick if Director” would use one already there

Thank you for the reply. Can you please clarify what corresponding nominal codes are used when tagging bank transactions as a salary – which NC for employee and which one for director? From my experience they both go to NC2220., which is not ideal. Thank you.

Hi @d7hnefa0594p7dx

If you look at the journal it first goes to Net wages (2220) but then is moved to Directors Salaries 7001

For example a £100 salary payment would look like this:

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