Sales inventory description not saving

Deleting a description in Sales Inventory and leaving the description blank results in an ‘Item saved’ message when focus is moved onto another field, but seems not to record the deletion. Returning to / refreshing the sales inventory screen shows the original description in place rather than a blank description field.

Hi @mlawson

I believe the right action here is that the line saves with a blank description, and to delete the line you need to use the red ‘x’ at the end. You can create an item with a blank description.

I will however refer this to our development team, as deleting the description should at least save the line

Hi, yes, thanks. I understand both the deletion and the creation with a blank line options, it’s the deletion of a description in an existing sales inventory item (and I guess sales task/ PO inventory) that is the problem. Deletion of the line item and recreation is of course possible, but the UI is currently mis-leading the user with ‘item saved’ after clearing the description.

@mlawson - Just a quick update to let you know this has now been fixed. Please let me know if you have any further issues.

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