Sales invoice posting from E-Commerce app

I have read about posting payments from merchant accounts:

But what about posting the ecommerce sales/ invoices to my ledger?
I was rather hoping for an integration which would post the sale and the payment in one go into a dedicated account. that would then have to be reconciled with the bank account at some point.

I will be starting with paypal for payments & hopefully moving on to Worldpay when established.
My Ecommerce will most likely be either Prestashop or Wordpress.

If you’re using something like Worldpay, Stripe, PayPal, or any other credit/debit or online payment system, the concept would remain the same as per the guide you linked to.

You would have the following for each payment
Money In
Transfer out (to current account)
Money Out (Transaction fee)

Essentially the same thing, you are using a merchant account for ecommerce so follow the guide there.

As for direct integration, this is unlikely as there are hundreds of different ecommerce/CMS/merchant accounts. There is the API and Webhooks and work is ongoing regarding Zapier integration so pretty much anything is possible if you are able to write your own integrations, or get someone on board who can.