Sales invoices not posting to correct category

Hi I have been using quick file for about a year, I noticed that some our sales invoices were being posted to General Sales even when we selected a different category, I thought this was because the clients were not set up with a default account so I went through and changed them all , I now have invoices going into the general sales account although the invoices clearly show other categories, I know I can correct them but this is time consuming as I have to go into each invoice to find out where it should be. I saw someone else had this problem but it does not show a resolution

Thank you in anticipation of a prompt reply

Hi @AliceNorris

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing some issues with this.

Just to confirm, when you modify the sales invoice and click on the cog, the category is set to something different than “General Sales”? Also, if you go to More Options >> View nominal ledger entries, does this show General Sales, or the correct nominal?

Hi It is showing general sales when I go to modify the invoice is there anywhere I can set up the correct default account for each client or do we have to change it manually when we create new invoices

You can set a default for a client which will affect all new invoices, but it won’t automatically update previous ones.

You could try bulk re-coding them if you can pick them out in the ledger entries: Bulk change incorrect postings

A trick for this is that nominal entries corresponding to invoice lines include the client name in the (hidden by default) notes field, which you can filter using the search button at the top of the nominal ledger view.

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Hi were exactly in the client setup do you put the code as I have e.g. set up a test account in my name and the default sales category is Food Vendors however when I am posting an invoice this does not come up and the default code goes to general sales. so apart from having to click on the cog for each invoice and change manually I cannot see any way of doing this. I have been able to amend all the existing ones.



Do you use inventory items? If so I believe the category set at the item level overrides the client default.

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When you create or modify a client the option is there but you do need to scroll down to reach it.

If you are using the “sales inventory” to fill in invoice lines this includes its own default sales category whcih will take precidence.

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Thank you for your help I have found where it is going wrong, you were correct the sales inventory was being used but was not directing to the correct codes


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