Sales Invoices on VAT Return

Hi, I am helping a friend who is quite new to Quickfile. It has come to light that none of her sales invoices are showing up on her VAT Return. The first thing I did was make sure she had in fact added VAT to her sales invoices which she has. I then checked her Accrual/Cash setting and it is set to Accrual which is right, but still they are not carried into her VAT return. Please can you help me find the problem

Have you checked the dates of the invoices and the date of the return period?

Thank you for replying Lurch. Yes I have checked the invoices and they are all in order. All the relevant purchase invoices are there and correct but no sales invoices. I am stumped

Hi @gillianf,

Usually when they don’t appear in the return it is down to the dates of the invoices/payments. But as you say she is on Accrual then it should be looking at the invoice date regardless of whether it has been paid or not.

If you’d like to send @QFSupport a private message with the QuickFile account number then I can take a further look at the account for you?