Sales to the EU

Quick question…

All of my sales come through Paypal and are allocated to 4000 General Sales at the moment - I have the Paypal feed set up. The vast majority of these sales are UK with no postage charged to the customer.

However, about 5% of the sales that come through are EU sales. Do I need to categorise those sales as 4100 General Export Sales? On EU sales I also charge postage to the customer, would I categorise that as 4905 Distribution and Carriage? I have worked how to do this by doing a test modification on an invoice from an EU customer, but basically before I go any further, it is actually necessary to do this, or is it OK to continue to have every incoming sale as General Sales?


You can categories if you like and show postage on face of invoice as part of sale

So I don’t have to do that, and can keep everything under 4000 General Sales? Obviously that would be easier because it’s automatic through my Paypal feed.

To do anything else requires finding all the EU payments and modifying them all, which is extra work.