Santander Auto Bank Feed

Dear all

I hope someone can help me. We have followed the instructions step by step on how to set up the auto bank feed for both our Barclays accounts. However, when we try to do the same with Santander, nothing happens. We are having to upload the statements manually every time since Quickfile is not doing it automatically like it happens for our two other bank accounts

What shall I do?

Hi @Smart_Rent_Team

If you visit the Santander website (using the plugin), do you login using the QuickFile box at the top of the screen? Do you even see the box when you visit the page?

Yes, I can see the box and I have to fill out the password so it can log on and automatically downloads the statement, then I need to go to my dashboard and click on notifications, then click on 1 item to synchronise, click on process, click on import statement…It is a lengthy process while with Barclays I was able to set it up automatically so every time I log on my account it has done all this by itself!

Please advise

The Barclays feed is a smoother setup compared to any of the other banks available via the Chrome plugin. Because of this, Barclays is the only automated feed within QuickFile.

It comes down to what the banks are willing to support unfortunately. It’s a common issue that we have no control over. I’d highly recommend you mention this to Santander. If any of the banks developed a way for us to pull data in automatically, we’d gladly use it :slight_smile: