Santander Bank Feed - changes?

I’ve not used the Bank Feed extension to Chrome for a while but my login to Santander appear to hit a wall and I see a popup error dialogue. If I OK it and manually enter the password values into the separate fields I can log in OK. Right now it looks like the extension is trying to dump everything in to one filed rather than the field by field approach.

Is there are new extension expected?

We’re struggling now to continually update these feeds and are considering pushing them out to the open-source community. Obviously whenever the banks change one minute detail we need to spend half a day re-coding it. Which is getting increasingly less feasible.


What pop-up do you see? It works fine on our test account.


It would be a shame to abandon the feeds extension but fully understand why that could happen :frowning:

The pop up is attached as an image and another annotated image that shows what is happening on the page.


I had double checked extra spaces by the way! But just now I deleted all the entries from the saved extension settings, closed down Chrome and started over. Re-entered the settings, saved and quit Chrome one more time.

On firing up Chrome and using the extension it worked perfectly!


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OK thanks for letting me know, pleased to hear you got it working!