Santander Bank Feed not working after subscription renewal

Sorry to have to post this I’m sure there is an answer out there just can’t find it. My bank feed subsrciption was due to expire. I have renewed it, the system says ‘active’ and it seems to connect but no transactions are imported. I’ve revoked the account and started all over again. When I go onto the banking management screen it shoes the correct balance however, when I go to the bank statement screen the balance is different because no transactions have ben imported. I’ve had this before when I renewed my subscription I’m annoyed I can’t sort it. I’ve checked it is the correct sort code and account number


Did the feed expire at all or was it renewed before expiry?

Transactions should import fine from the time it’s activated (regardless of whether it was a new feed or a renewal on an existing one). However, it’s worth noting that Santander can delay the transactions presented to us by around 24 hours.

Hi Mathew

It was due to expire in 6 days I think. Did a transaction yesterday, it normally shows the next day. I’ll see how it goes tomorrow?

Thank you

Hi @MTA,

If you are still having trouble tomorrow then if you send a private message to @QFSupport with your account number we can take a look at your settings and make sure that no errors are being returned

Thanks Beth

Thank you

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