Santander bank import failed

I have successfully set up the bank import from Santander into the bank account on one laptop. However, when i log onto Quickfile and the bank on a different computer I get he following error message:
"Incorrect account number or authentication key. Please ensure you have enabled file imports on your Quickfile account and the credentials supplied are correct."
I don’t understand why it is machine specific. Any ideas please?

This message would mean that one of the two values in the plugin settings is incorrect:

The bank feed plugin is a Chrome Extension and uses local storage for retaining credentials. Usually if you are logged into Chrome using the same Google account on each machine it will share the local storage values. This is certainly my experience when using the plugin.

It may interest you to know that we now have an automated link with Santander through our bank feed partner Yodlee. We are beta testing this integration, so if this is something that interests you, we can include you on the beta programme.


How do i get included on the beta version as well please?



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