Santander feed issue

Hi all,

Trying to export data from Santander via the Chrome plugin this morning, I receive the following message:

“You appear to be using the old Santander Login procedure. Please contact Santander on 0845 600 1624 to upgrade your account. The data feed works only with the new Santander online banking console.”

Is this a known issue? I don’t want to call them only to have them say “You shouldn’t be accessing your data that way anyway” or similar.



Hi James,

It looks like you’re using the old log in forms. Santander are slowly moving their customers over to the new ones, which the chrome plug in now supports.

Have a little look here:


Thanks @Parker1090 - I completely missed that post when I searched.

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Update: Santander can’t help me, as the one with the issue is a ‘personal’ (Sole Trader) account.

@Glenn - does the plugin only work via Santander business URLs?

Did the feed work before for you? Regarding the recent change, the URLs actually remain unaffected. Santander have modified their sign in procedure, or to be precise just one single page. Under the new setup you must enter 3 characters from your Password and Security Number.

These two bit’s of information are posted under separate cover and it is my understanding that Santander are slowly upgrading all customers. I wasn’t aware that there was an exception for sole trader accounts?

The feed should still work however you will need to manually enter the registration number and passcode. Beyond that the export facility should continue to work fine. Let me know if that works?


If Santander are leaving you on the old system then we can probably handle this without too much of an issue. We just need to be certain that sole trader accounts aren’t being moved over.

Hi @Glenn,

Yes, it worked previously. It’s all a bit odd. I can log in with my business login, and see my business account (soon to be closed) and my ‘personal’ account (continuing to use as sole trader). It doesn’t work the other way around.

Yesterday, despite the error, the plugin actually worked (logging into the business account and then downloading data from the ‘personal’ one).

Once my business account is closed, I will only have the ‘personal’ login - but the QF plugin seems to go to the business login automatically.

The Santander Feed is activated based on the URL and will only work under the following domain:

If the sole trader account is hosted under then regrettably it won’t work.

That’s what I suspected. No matter - I’m only going to be doing the odd bit of consultancy from now on, and there will only be a few statement entries per month, so I’ll move from reconciling every week to every month.

Thanks for looking into it for me.