Santander Feed Timings

Currently this feed kicks in at 2am in the morning which I think coincides with Santander’s feed.

The problem is that some items that appear in the bank feed are called PCA - which are then renamed by Santander a few hours later.

Can the feed kick in at 7am instead as all items are renamed by Santander by that time?

Hi @dipens,

Thank you for feedback.

Currently all Open Banking feeds are set to start refreshing at 2am. I will pass your comments on to the development team to see if this is something that could be considered as part of future development.

Hi @dipens,

We were able to implement a change late on Friday that allowed us to delay specific feeds by several hours. We’ve now updated the Santander feed (along with a few others) to run at around 7:30 am.

Hopefully that will help with the description maleability.