Save Invoice Import Mappings for re-use

Is it possible to save SI & PI import mappings so you can do the same import each day/week without having to re-map each of the fields in the csv file?

This is not something we currently support, I’ve not seen this suggestion before so I’ve converted it to a feature request. If it gains popularity we can certainly look at this further.

This would be a really useful feature - another (possibly easier) route would be to auto map fields when the column name in the first line is the same as the field mapping name

I think mapping the column name would make sense, this would but the quickest implementation. I’ll log this in our planner to be looked at in more detail.

@jem999, @Jonathan_Richardson We’ve now made a slight enhancement to the invoice import tool which will look at your first row on the CSV and auto-map the columns accordingly.

Let us know if that all works fine.

The auto-map picks up the correct titles. Unfortunately it tells you that they are not mapped and won’t let you upload the invoices. Even if you re-click on the title it still doesn’t work.

I’ve passed this back to the developer working on this feature. I’ll let you know as soon as I get a response.

@Sayle Apologies for the delay in getting back, this should now work fine.

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