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Saving a VAT return before submission

I want to check what happens if I save a vat return and it ‘locks down’ the figures. Can this saved return then be e-filed/submitted after this action?
Its not very obvious. I have 2 choices submit or lock down.
Last quarter (my first return) I ‘submitted’ and it wiped all the manual entries on my screen and filed a completely incorrect return a total vat nightmare.
I’m petrified to press the submit button!

When you say manual entries. Manual where? Are you under making tax digital? If so you shouldnt be able to add manual entries to a vat return.

If you add purchases and sales and tag payments to them you shouldn’t have a problem.

Manual entries (adjustments) on the actual vat return.
I have to transfer sales figures because I use the vat margin scheme and quickfile isn’t capable of working with that

yes I have to do making tax digital

Then you should be using their bridging module and uploading a csv file with your adjustments already made.

You are not allowed under mtd to make manual adjustments to vat returns. So that’s prob your issue.

So why is there a pencil edit box?
If you are making a correction to a previous return surely you would use that and the info will be submitted.
My question here is ensuring that the info in the adjustment box(es) is submitted along with the figures already appearing from mtd

Because that’s for non Mtd returns.

Any manual adjustments goes against the rules.

Read up the legislation.

Hi @loubilou

Manual adjustments can be a bit of a grey area, but you are permitted to make them to your return for cases such as yours. In these cases, it’s important you have any data to back up the calculations should they ever be queried.

What may be a good approach to this, is to download the VAT calculations, calculate the adjustments in Excel to get your manual adjustment values, and upload your calculations to the document area (Account Settings > Tools > Document Manager).

To answer your original query:

You would need to rollback the saved return. But I would say there’s no need to save it, you can just re-generate it as needed and then submit it when the time comes.

Can you clarify what figures were removed? Submitting the return should save it, not remove any figures.

Thanks Matthew!
My own accountant said it was ok to make a manual adjustment to boxes 1 & 6 for the margin scheme (which are on excel spreadsheets). Good idea re uploading them.
My main concern is if I make those adjustments will they submit with the return? I’m nervous to press the button because last quarter it removed that data as it filed - I think because I had auto logged out due to inactivity.

Whatever you see on your screen should submit. However, HMRC doesn’t see the adjustments as such, they only see the final figures in the boxes on the VAT return.

If you are automatically logged out, it should prevent the return from submitting. No data should be lost.

Ok! thanks again Matthew that makes perfect sense :slightly_smiling_face:

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