Saving the items and details of an estimate or re-use?

Is there a way I can save the details of an estimate or invoice so that I can recall them for use in another estimate/Invoice?

I have a client asking for 2 versions of an estimate. Both fundamentally the same but one including extra items. I’d like to be able to save the table (item, description and quantity etc) from the first estimate so that I can recall them for the second estimate rather than having to rewrite it all.

Likewise sometimes I’ll have a job which is very similar to a previous job and it would be nice to be able to just copy the table from the previous invoice and insert it into the new estimate.

Would this be possible? It would streamline the process for me! I wonder if you could make a little function which allows the user to create a set of items/descriptions/quantities which you could import from a drop down menu so that I could assemble estimates with multiple aspects more quickly? Sorry I think i’m struggling to describe this properly! Many thanks! Tom

Have you looked at the inventory system? It was designed to do just this:

Setting up Reusable Inventory Items

You can also make whole copies of invoices and estimates: