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Search Across Multiple Bank Accounts

I often find myself looking for an old transaction and not certain which Bank Account it may be in. Most of my entries are miscellaneous, so the dashboard is not a good route. I therefore end up completing an Advance Search in each of the accounts, which is time-consuming. Would it be possible to have a simple cross-account search function whereby one can click on the result to be taken to the relevant transaction? There is some code existing that goes part of the way. In the Bulk Tagging Rules one can check transactions for text content, but it only searches Reference (still very useful though) and does not do the hyper-link.

Thank you in anticipation

What kind of transaction? It may be easier to search from the other end, e.g. if you’re looking for a payment from a particular client then you can view “all payments” from that client’s page, if you’re looking for a PAYE payment to HMRC you can find the PAYE nominal on the chart of accounts and start from there, etc.

Hi. Thanks for the quick reply. This search would be for any transaction. As most of my entries are not from a particular supplier or I may not know to where it had been coded it would need to be unconstrained. I simply wanted to look for a piece of text within all transactions and locate it. Much the same way that when adding a bank tagging rule that text may be found in multiple transactions across numerous accounts and it shows as Match Text Saved! We found “nn” matching transactions in “n” different bank accounts". Ideally then simply select one of the transactions. If that makes sense.

Hi @AndrewAGM,

Unfortunately we don’t have a search that can do this, it may be worth starting a #feature request for it, although I’m not sure how easy it would be to implement.

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