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Search by "Purchase Name"

I previously raised a problem with Purchases > Advanced Search > Supplier Ref. this has been fixed, but there is still a problem doing an advanced search.

Today I updated a purchase record to include “TRAINING” in the description, but when doing an advanced search after doing the update the purchase record was not found using that parameter.

Purchases > Advanced Search > Description is not at present providing the correct results, more often than not the result is “NO ITEMS FOUND”.

For example;
Account ending **451
Purchases > Advanced Search >
Description: TRAINING
Supplier Ref: OWEN
Search Result: NO ITEMS FOUND

Also did a similar search without the Supplier Ref: OWEN, the record was also not found, but there is purchase record QF02254 10/02/2015 with these parameters.

Would you have look in to what has happened to this facility to stop working correctly.

Hi @alan_mcbrien,

I will report this for you now

As discussed on the PM, the description field will search text in the itemised section of the purchase invoice rather than the abreviated description showing on the main list. Normally this would be the same anyway as that abreviated name is derivied from the first first line of the purchase invoice, but it can be overtyped which is what has occured here.

For sales invoices we refer to this as “Invoice Name”. We’ll adapt a similar form for purchases and expose an additional field so you can filter here.

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Could this posting be updated to a feature request?

That’s done. This feature is in our planner so we should be implementing it soon.

This should now be live. If you use the “Description” field in the advanced search slide out on the purchase management screen, it will now query by purchase name as well as itemised descriptions.

Thank you, I’ll have a go at this in the morrow.

Good and fine, thank you.